Fairy Tulips

Fairy Tulips
Once upon a time there lived an old lady in a house. She had a beautiful bed of tulips in her garden.

One night she heard singing and laughing outside. She got up and listened. It seemed that the sounds are coming from the tulips bed. She looked out from the window but she couldn’t see a thing.

Next morning she examined her tulips but there were nothing strange about them. No signs of intruders.

On the next night she heard the singing and laughing again. She silently got up and sneaked out from the house and hid away in the busses to watch the tulips.
As she looked closely she noticed little faeries among the tulips. The faeries were singing and they was rocking the tulips like a cradle because the tulip bulbs contained fairy babies.

The old lady smiled and she sneaked back to the house. From that time she never touched the flowers and she prohibited the neighbours doing that too.

The tulips grew even larger and eventually they became the most beautiful flowers on the Earth.

But one day the good old woman died. The tulip bed was torn up by strangers who did not know about the secret. They planted wheat there but it withered and from that time nothing would grow there.

But the old woman’s grave grew colorful flowers as the fairies sang above it making it covered with tulips, violets and other lovely flowers.

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Created by ureus


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