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Thursday, August 18th, 2011

Mr. kitchom loved to listen to stories, but at the end of the tale he would invariably exclaim, ” That can’t be true !”

One day he was standing at the gate of his house when he saw the village schoolmaster going by. He called out to him and begged him to tell him a story.

” On one condition,” said the teacher. ” When I finish, you should not say ” That can’t be true.” ” If you say that , I’ll be entitled to a sack of grain from your house.”

” Agreed,” said Mr. Kitchom

” I’ll tell you the story of a great lord who lived in China a long time ago.” said the teacher. ” One day this aristrocrat got into his palanquin to go to the governor’s palace. On the way he heard a bird crying ‘ preeep…..preeeeeep.’ When he peered out the bird soiled his robe with its droppings.

” The lord sent his servant back for a new robe and when he had brought it he took off the soiled robe, threw it away and put on the new one. They then resumed the journey. a little later the bird called out again and when the lord peered out it soiled his sword with its droppings. The nobleman sent his servant back for a new sword and when he had brought it, gave the soiled one to the sevant and kept the new one.

” The lord made up his mind not to kook out if the bird cried out again, but when it did he could not resist looking out and this time the bird dropped its load directly on his head.

” The lord sent his servant to bring him a new head and when he had brought it, cut off his own with his sword…”

” Oh, but that can’t be true !” blurted Mr. Kitchom.

” No, it can’t,” agreed the teacher, triumphantly, ” but you’ve uttered the prohibited phrase and you agreed to forfeit a sack of rice as penalty !”

” Did I ? ” said Mr. Kitchom , slyly.

” That can’t be true.”


Thursday, August 18th, 2011

Once long ago in Japan there lived a couple who had no children. They prayed to the gods for a child, even one as small as a finger, and finally their prayers wee answered. The child born to them was so samll that they named him ” Issun Boshi”, ‘ Little One Inch’. When Issun boshi reached the age of 15, he said goodbye to his parents and set out for Kyoto, the capital city, to seek his fortune.

In Kyoto he found employment in a wealthy household. He could not do much work because of his size, but his diligence and sincerity pleased his master and his mistress. And their daughter found him delightful.

One day Issun Boshi accompanied the girl to the temple. On the way, two giants leaped out in front of them from benind some bushes.

Issun Boshi deliberately drew their attention to him so that the girl could escape. But then the giants were furious with him and one of them picked him up and swallowed him. Issun Boshi had a needle his mother had given him. He used to wear it around his waist like a sword. When he found himself in the giant’s stomach he took the needle from its scabbard and began to stab the giant’s tomach with it. Then climbing out through the gullet he stormed into the giant’s mouth where he wreaked havoc with his needle. The giant was frightened and spat him out.

When the other giant bent down to look at him, Issun Boshi stabbed him in the eye. The giants had enough. They ran away, on holding a hand to his mouth and the other to his eye.

In their haste they left behind a mallet which Issun Boshi and the girl, recognised as a magical object.

” You have to hit on the ground and make a wish.” said the girl.

So they hit the mallet on the ground and made a wish. The next moment, Issun Boshi had grown to normal size and stood clad in the armour of a samurai !

The girl’s father had no hesitation in giving his daughter in marriage to Issun Boshi, and the young samurai proved to be a devoted husband. Oh, yes, he brought his parents too to live with him and they, though happy to see their dear son grown up, continued to call him Issun Boshi!


Friday, August 12th, 2011

Jimmy was a lazy, good for nothing fellow. he lounged about the house all day, much to his wife Frinzy’s annoyance. One day, Frinzy told her husband to dig the patch of land outside their hut .” I ill borrow a spade from our neighbour.” she said. ” Then we can plant some vegetables.”

Jimmy agreed reluctantly. The soil was hard and he was soon tired. He leaned against the spade for a moment, then hearing Frinzy’s voice , he quickly resumed digging.

Thunk! His spade struck metal. Jimmy excitedly scraped away the mud. It was a big cooking pot. As Jimmy leaned over to see it there was anything in it, his pouch of tobacco and some coins feel into the pot. Jimmy bent to retrieve them, then jumped back in surprise. There were two pouches and double the mumber of coins !

” Come quickly !” he called to Frinzy. ” Look what I’ve found !”

When Frinzy came over, she was so excited that she put the coins in four or five times.

Soon there was a tidy pile of money. She stooped to collect the coins and lost her balance. Into the pot she fell and came out two Frinzy’s, one a mirror image of the other.

They immediately set to squabbling over Jimmy.

Jimmy stood irresolute for a moment, then jumped into the pot. the new Jimmy refused to leave with his wife till they were given an identical set of possessions- right downto a blanket with two holes. But how did he recognise his wife.

She was a mirror image so her nosering was on the left nostril, while the real Frinzy had always worn hers on the right.


Thursday, August 11th, 2011

One day a man found and old book in his attic.He discovered that it was abook on magic but try as he might he could not understand any portion of it except one paragraph. the paragraph stated that on the shores of the Sea there was a pebble that could turn anything it was touched to into gold. This pebble, the anicient writer said, could be distinguished from the others only by touching it : unlike the other pebbles it was warm to the touch.

The man went to the shores of the sea and began to search for the pebble.

To ensure that he did not pick up the same pebble twice he would fling every peble he picked up, far out into the sea.

The days stretched into weeks and then into months. A year passed. then anonther. The man went on looking for the pebble. but every pebble he picked up was as cold as ice and he flung them away as fast as he picked them. Now he had become so expert at it that he could pick up apebble and fling it into the sea with one smooth action.

One evening as he was wearily leaving the beach after another day’s search he saw a pebble in front of him.

He picked it uo. It was warm. but out of force of habit he flung it far out into the sea!


Monday, May 9th, 2011

There was a blacksmith once who complained:
” I am not well, and my work is too warm. I want to be a stone on the mountain. There it must be cool, for the wind blows and the trees give a shade.”
A wise man who had power over all things replied, ” Go you, be a stone.” And he was a stone, high up on the mountain-side. It happened that a stone-cutter came that way for a stone, and when he saw the one that had been the blacksmioth, he knew that it was what he sought, and he began to cut it.
The stone cried out: ” This hurts ! I no longer want to be a stone. A stone-cutter I want to be. That would be pleasent.”
The wise man, humoring him, said, ” Be a cutter.” Thus he be came a stone-cutter, and as he went seeking suitable stone, he grew tired, and his feet were sore.
He whimpered, ” I no longer want to cut stone. I would be the sun.; that would be pleasent.”
The wise man commanded, ” Be the sun .” And he was the sun. But the sun was warmer than the blacksmith, than a stone, than a stone-cutter and he complained, ” I do not like this. I would be the moon , it looks cool ! “.
The wise man spoke yet again, ” Be the moon.” And he was the moon.” This is warmer than being the sun,” murmured he, ” for the light from the sun shines on me ever. I do not want to be the moon. I would be a smith again. That verify, is the best life.”
But the wise man replied, ” I am weary of your changing. You wanted to be the moon; the moon you are, and it you will remain.”
And in youn high heaven lives he to this day.


Sunday, May 8th, 2011

Once in China, there was a good ruler. His subjects were hard working. So the country was filled with prosperity and wealth. Every where was teemed with joy.
After prayers of long period, a child was born to the king and the queen. They named him ” Alan “. The birthday of the child was a festival in the country. But Oralf, his uncle, who wished to be the future king of the country was waiting for an occasion to destroy the child.
One day in the absence of the queen he took the child. He went to the top of a mountain and gave up the child there. asn he returned to the palace.
But in a cave of that mountain a white horse which had fire wings lived. Its fire wings destrroyed everything near of it. When the horse saw the child,a sympathy arose in its mind. So it took the child into the cave. There Alan grew up with other children. The horse taught him all types of warfare.
Years elapsed. The king and the queen thought about the prince and grieved. One day an old womnan came to the queen and asked about her sorrows.The queen described to her the missing of her son.The old woman asked the queen.
” Do you love your prince?”.
She then closed her eyes for sometime and replied
” My dear queen, in a distant place, in the cave of a mountain, there is a boy living with two girls. He is certainly your own prince. A fire winged horse is bringing up the boy.”
Queen was very happy. Asking all about the way to the cave, the queen gave hands full of gifts to the old woman. The king and courtiers reached the cave in the mountain.
At first sight, the king realised that the boy was his own son. He told the horse and friends about it and they said they have come to take the prince back to the palace.
The horse and his friends sent him happily.When they were ready to go, the horse took a feather from his fire wings and said to the boy,
” If you have any want, you will call me dipping this feather in water. At once I will come there. What ever the danger come, I will be with you”.
The Prince returned to the palace along with the King. Oralf took another plan to kill the prince. He went to the neighbouring countries and revealed all military secrets. Then he started to attack the country with the help of enemies. The king and his soldiers could not defend the unexpected attack. Suddenly the Prince remembered the words of the horse. He took the feather and dipping it in to the water, he requested to the horse for help.
At once the fire winged horse appeared. With the help of the horse, they defeated their enemies. In the war Oralf was killed. Later they lived happliy……..

The Adventures of Rohen Shar – 4 – The new team

Monday, May 25th, 2009

Rohen was waiting in his assaulted room in the Winter General Inn. He just replayed the previous events in his mind. He was a bit careless, he could have died. As he was blaming himself a woman appeared from the shadows but without any evil intentions.

– In this cursed place everybody used to blend out from the shadows? — asked Rohen annoyed but with a smile.

– Lucien told me that at last there is somebody to defy the evil. I’m here to offer my service — the woman spook English with a terrible Russian accent. She was tall with long black hair and Russian features.

– Lucien is sure quick to act.

– I posses the skills to manipulate the shadows and I even studied necromancy as I think that necromancy must be fought with necromancy.

– Capital! You will be very useful.

Soon somebody knocked on the door but before Rohen could answer the second knock made the door fall out. Rohen was taken aback. A robust man approximately 2.2 meters tall and with muscles all over stepped in the room. He looked down to Rohen.

– I want to fight against that necromancer! — demanded the giant but his voice was lest robust and sounded intelligent despite the stereotype.

– Capital! — but Rohen couldn’t continue because Lucien reappeared.

– That’s all Mr. Shar. Tanya, Gregorovits and myself. — Lucien looked more prepared than before, his appearance emitted some determination.

– I expected to battle the necromancer alone, I never thought I could gather such an army. I guess we should set off immediately as we arrive to the Tower by dawn then… – Rohen flapped his red robe and left the room and his new team followed him.

An extraordinary adventure began with the team’s departure. Danger, death and fear are awaiting them…

The Adventures of Rohen Shar – 3 – Deadly Illusion

Monday, May 25th, 2009

The two men stood in the dark room of the Inn, triumphant over the six skeletons. But something disturbed the dark-robed man.

– Where is the assassin?

Rohen just smiled and as if he was a teacher he began to explain.

– It was just an Illusion.

– An Illusion? So it was harmless?

– I wouldn’t say so. We must not underestimate Illusions.

– But I don’t understand… if they aren’t real how can they harm us?

– It is simple my friend. Allow me to tell you a story. In the second world-war the Nazi scientists carried out human-experiments. This is the famous placebo-effect. In the experiment they used blindfolded people. They said that they will cut them with a knife and bleed them. In reality they only poured honey on their arms and they just used a simple cold piece of iron and they pulled it over their veins. So they felt as if they were cut and bleeding, thanks to the honey but in reality nothing had happened. And guess what happened then?

– No idea.

– They died and they showed the symptoms of bleeding. Actually their mind made them believe the lie and produced the symptoms. It is very dangerous but they use it on medical basis as well. For example: There are two groups. The group members are infected with fever. The first group receives the medicine and the second group receives simple water but with the explanation that this is the most successful, the best medicine. Can you guess what happened?

– According to the first tale I believe both groups had been healed.

– Correct. That’s what happened. So Illusions are based upon the placebo-effect as well. If I see a man plunging his knife into my chest, then my mind would believe this and I would die. Of course there are spells that can help us against illusions, but in general they are deadly and often underestimated. But what is your name, by the way?

– Oh sorry. It’s Lucien. Just Lucien.

– All right, Just Lucien — Rohen blinked — We need several adventurer. I bet you know the right people to ask to join our cause.

– Sir, yes sir! — and Lucien departed.

The Adventures of Rohen Shar – 2 – Knife in the Dark

Monday, May 25th, 2009

Now accompanied with his hot chocolate Rohen was content. He relaxed in his not-very-comfortable armchair slurping his drink. As he emptied his cup he made himself comfortable and fell asleep.

The winter raged outside and the muffled noises from the inn died away leaving only the cry of the wind. A door shrieked but it was just like the wind so it went unnoticed. A dark shadow stepped in room 9. He raised his arm and with a fast movement he struck down the bed. To his astonishment he only found pillows instead of his victim. As he turned around he faced with a not so friendly face with short brown hair, chocolate brown eyes but he could notice only these features as Rohen hit him hard on the face and he fainted.

– Why can’t I sleep in peace? — asked the literally question.

The answer came unexpected. From the shadows 6 skeletons appeared each with a sword. It was unnerving, but Rohen saved his face.

– You look so thin and pale! Haven’t you eaten in the past days? — he produced a grim smile.

He reached for his wand in his pocket and with a deadly-fast move he made one of the skeletons collapse. This made the others angry and attacked Rohen together. The wizard only had time to cast a fiery fire sword to his aid and with it he battled with the intruders. He enjoyed the battle, some excitement at last.

He dodged and turned around and with a slice, he destroyed a skeleton. In the next moment he blocked an attack from the front, held down his enemy’s hand and with a side kick he disarmed another while he finished off his previous enemy. He was as deadly as he seemed to be harmless.

As he continued to fight one of the skeletons made it to his back and tried to kill Rohen from behind. A clashing noise made Rohen turn around and he found his adversary’s sword blocked by another one. Hi didn’t have the time to think about the problem he advanced and destroyed another skeleton and he heard that somebody is dealing with the one behind him.

As the battle ceased and all the skeletons were destroyed Rohen faced his savior.

– I owe you my thanks… – bowed Rohen before the black haired, black eyed man in a black robe.

– Rohen Shar! We need your help — begged the stranger.

– I think I can help as I came here to eradicate the evil in the Tower — the man seemed to be surprised. He never thought that Rohen would knew about the Tower.

– You can’t imagine the torture that is upon us — the man shivered.

– On the contrary… I absolutely can… – Rohen puckered up his lips.

In the Tower, the Necromancer burst out in an evil laugh.

– Just come Rohen Logor Shar! I’m awaiting you…

The Adventures of Rohen Shar – 1 – Winter General

Monday, May 25th, 2009

It was an unpleasant cold night. The moon was covered with thick dark clouds and the snow like piercing needles flew through the horizon. A red robe appeared in the dark. It seemed that the stranger could trifle with the doomsday weather. He slowly followed the path to the dim lights of a village to find a neat inn, at least as neat as in this part of the world an inn could be.

He opened the door of the Winter General Inn, but the wild wind swung the door open and made the guest terrified. The stranger stepped in and without taking the blame for the incident he closed the door and walked to the bartender.

– What can I do for you? — asked the fat man in a rude way, but the stranger replied with a true smile as if he was welcomed as a king.

– I would like a room and a cup of hot chocolate if that’s possible.

Not only the bartender but the whole inn started to laugh at this childish request.

– The nursery is on the other side of the road — answered the bartender laughing.

The stranger made eye-contact with the bartender and repeated his request, or we should rather say: demand.

– A room and a cup of hot chocolate! — in his threatening voice, there was something what made the whole inn silent. The bartender, now chilling of fear, gave the key to the room number 9 to the man and informed him that he will bring up the chocolate and he even took the bravery to ask the stranger’s name.

– Oh. That’s Shar… Rohen Shar — nodded Rohen and then went up to his new room in order to relax at last.

As he passed by the other guests followed him with their eyes and as he left they continued to speak attending not to mention the strange man.

But a dark figure in the corner stirred…