The Foolish Cat

 Foolish Cat
A monkey and a cat together planted yam in a field. When it became harvesting time, the monkey said:

“You can take all the parts of the crop that grows above the soil. I will take only that which grows underneath the soil.”

Cat agreed. Cat thought that it is a generous offer because cat mainly ate fish and some small animals, and did not know anything much about vegetables.

Monkey collected huge yams from below the soil and went home with it. It left the useless stalk for the cat. The cat understood that it has been fooled.

“With the next crop, I want the things that grow underneath,’ the cat said. ‘You can take the top portion.”

The monkey agreed and planted bananas in the same field. When the bananas bore fruit, it took away all the fruit and gave cat the useless roots.

The wise owl which was sitting on a tree nearby told the cat:

“Don’t try to do things that you do not understand. You will only end up the loser.”

So the cat went back to its natural habits of killing mouse and other animals, and stealing fish from the fisherman’s basket.

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